In Case You Missed It Congressman Black: IRS Scandal Exposes Dangers of Obamacare

May 20, 2013

The Hill: Republicans Tie Obamacare to IRS Scandal
"The corruption at the IRS is yet another example of why I am committed to dismantling Obamacare,” said Black.

CNBC: Black on CNBC Discusses IRS Scandal's Impact on Obamacare

“There is an actual database that is being developed right as we speak. It is called the federal data services hub which puts five different agencies’ personal information all in one place . . . this is a huge amount of power. I think that we’ve got to make sure we can tell the American people that the bureaucrats are not going to misuse their information,” said Black.

Fiscal Times: Why the IRS Scandal Could Bring Down Obamacare

Ahead of a House Ways and Means Committee hearing this Friday about the IRS scandal, Rep. Diane Black, R-Tenn., said the IRS has no business monitoring anyone's health insurance information. "I will not rest until the full scope of the IRS’ corruption is uncovered, the guilty parties are held accountable, and actions are taken to ensure this never happens again," said Black.

Newsmax: Rep. Black: Repeal Obamacare, Keep Private Information Safe

“Repealing the entire bill would be best, she said, but short of that she wants assurances that Americans will have protections against their private information being improperly shared.”

Speech on House Floor: Black Blasts IRS for Political Targeting, Calls for Full Repeal of Obamacare

“This is not a Republican or Democrat issue. This is a First Amendment issue; one that should be a wakeup call about the dangers of the new, expansive powers afforded to the IRS under Obamacare… The IRS scandal begs the question: how can President Obama and Congressional Democrats continue to support Obamacare  - a law that gives more power to the IRS,” said Black.

MSNBC: Black Discusses Hearing on IRS Scandal

“To be told that a few folks in a lower level position can do this kind of thing, it scares me. What else can the IRS do? … There is definitely from the top down not an oversight that makes me comfortable to tell the American people they can feel secure and comfortable that they are being treated fairly by the IRS,” said Black.

Ways and Means Hearing on IRS Targeting: Black Questions Acting IRS Commissioner
[To Acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller] “…Well then I would say it is targeting. You can’t have that both ways. That’s targeting and there are 16 times in this report that says there was targeting. So, I believe that as you are giving this testimony that you can't have that go both ways,” said Black.