ICYMI: Congressman Black Talks Obamacare Data Hub with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren

Jun 26, 2013 Issues: Health

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Washington, DC – U.S. Congressman Diane Black (R-TN), member of the House Ways and Means Committee and Oversight Subcommittee, joined Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren for an in-studio interview last night to discuss Obamacare’s Federal Data Services Hub, the largest database of personal information the U.S. government has ever attempted, according to the Wall Street Journal. Congressman Black is the author of H.R. 2022, Stopping Government Abuse of Taxpayer Information Act, which halts the implementation of Obamacare until all government agencies with access to the Federal Data Services Hub certify under penalty of perjury that taxpayer information will not be used to target individuals based on their beliefs. Click here to watch the interview. Below is an excerpted transcript.

Congressman Black:Is this not scary that we have a government that's gotten so large we don't really know by the rules who it is that does have the access? Do they have background checks?


Greta Van Susteren: What do the democrats on your committee say about this? . . . Are they disturbed by this?

Congressman Black: What we're finding is very few people know about this, I tripped over this in doing some reading maybe six weeks ago, the more that I dug into this, the more scared that I got about what is there and the inconsistencies about who is going to have access to it.

Greta Van Susteren: Was this written in the original 2,400 page bill or is this what HHS, did they add the 20,000 pages—is this written by HHS or Members of Congress?

Congressman Black:  . . . There were provisions in the Obamacare for being able to have access to this information. It's not specifically written it would be the Federal Data Services Hub. That's what came out of this.

Greta Van Susteren: People we didn't elect have now done this?

Congressman Black: Scarier than that… HHS still has lots of rules to promulgate from this point forward and who knows what else they'll come up with… you should have me back to [discuss] the navigators  … the navigators are going to have access to some information that’s pretty scary as well.

Greta Van Susteren: That's a good tease, we'll have you back to talk about that.


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