In Case You Missed It: Rep. Black: 'Politically Corrupt IRS' Should Not Administer Obamacare

May 13, 2013 Issues: Health, Tax Reform

By David Yonkman
Washington Correspondent, Newsmax

The Internal Revenue Service should be denied access to personal health information under Obamacare, given the investigation into the agency's practices, says Rep. Diane Black.

"The IRS scandal is also very troubling considering the fact that no government agency has more authority in the enforcement of Obamacare than the IRS," the Tennessee Republican told Newsmax Monday.

"No government agency, particularly one with such rampant political corruption as the IRS, has any business accessing or monitoring Americans' personal health information."

The tax-collecting agency admitted last week that conservative groups had been improperly targeted and made to comply with cumbersome requests for information outside normal IRS procedures.

Black, a member of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Oversight, said she is "outraged" by what she called the IRS' blatant abuse of power and assault on the First Amendment.

"As a nation built upon religious and political freedom, this scandal should outrage every American, most of all the president, who took an oath to defend the Constitution," she said. "The president has a responsibility to stand up for the Constitution and work with Congress to fully investigate this matter."

The oversight subcommittee has demanded that the IRS provide by Wednesday all communications involving the words "tea party," "conservative," or "patriot" that may have been used in the targeting effort.

"As a member of the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on oversight, I will not rest until the full scope of the IRS’ corruption is uncovered, the guilty parties are held accountable, and actions are taken to ensure that this never happens again," Black said.

Her remarks come as the House votes this week on dismantling President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law. The bill has little chance of passing the Senate and would likely face a presidential veto, but it will give members of the House the first opportunity this session to vote on repealing the law. Republicans voted 36 times to kill it during the last session of Congress.

"The corruption at the IRS is yet another example of why I am committed to dismantling Obamacare," Black said.

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