Rep. Black Honors Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey on Upcoming Retirement from State Senate

Mar 23, 2016


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Washington, DC – Congressman Diane Black (R-TN-06) recently spoke on the House floor honoring her longtime friend, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, upon his upcoming retirement from the state Senate. A transcript of Congressman Black’s remarks is provided below:

Mr. Speaker, today I rise to honor my friend, Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, on his upcoming retirement from the Tennessee State Senate.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Lt. Governor Ramsey changed Tennessee history. He was, after all, our first Republican Lieutenant Governor in over 140 years.

His legacy will be one of preserving that which makes Tennessee special – our low tax burden, our commitment to fiscal responsibility, and our tradition of defending life.

It was among the great honors of my professional career to serve as Chairman of the Senate Republican Caucus under his leadership, and to partner with him as we laid the groundwork for the conservative supermajority that we enjoy today.

I will never forget being in the Senate chamber the moment that Lt. Governor Ramsey was elected. He came to the well of the Senate floor and, before doing anything else, paid honor to God – telling all of us in the room and everyone else watching that it is to Him we owe our very being.

He then thanked his family, including his wife Sindy, who has served Tennessee with distinction as our Second Lady for nearly a decade.

In that moment, Lt. Governor Ramsey reminded us all of his priorities. He loves our state and he loves public service, but as anyone who knows him can attest, his faith and his family are of greatest importance, and I will always be thankful to him for setting that example.

Mr. Speaker, it should be noted that Lt. Governor Ramsey arose to his post in state leadership shortly after a dark time in Tennessee history, which saw the very public failings of legislators on both sides of the aisle. 

He was an example of character and personal integrity at a moment when we needed it the most and, in time, he made us believe again that government could do right by its people.

Lt. Governor Ramsey often reminded us that “it matters who governs” – and indeed it does.

As we reflect on where Tennessee has come from and where we’re headed, we can say with certainty that our state is stronger because of Ron Ramsey’s leadership.

I count it a privilege to call him my friend and I wish him, his wife Sindy, and his beautiful family all of the best in this next chapter of their lives.

I yield back.