Rep. Black Introduces the No Subsidies Without Verification Act of 2014

Jun 5, 2014 Issues: Health

Washington, D.C. – Today, Congressman Diane Black (R-TN-06) introduced the No Subsidies Without Verification Act of 2014 following reports that more than one million Americans receiving health care subsidies under the Affordable Care Act may be receiving an amount in error because there is no system in place to properly verify the income eligibility of applicants. This commonsense legislation would simply require an income verification system to be put in place before any additional taxpayer subsidies are given out. 

“These improper payments are the predictable result of President Obama’s reckless decision to move forward with a program that was never ready,” said Congressman Black. “We knew that paying out subsidies without first confirming that someone was eligible would become a nightmare for American taxpayers, and these reports confirm our concerns. Now not only are taxpayers potentially on the hook for billions of dollars in fraudulent subsidy claims, but honest Americans who merely make a mistake filling out Obamacare forms might now be hounded years later for back taxes. This is completely unnecessary and why we in the House passed my legislation to protect hard working American taxpayers from President Obama’s reckless decision to move forward with implementation of Obamacare at any cost. Congress and the American people have seen firsthand this Administration’s carelessness with taxpayer dollars when it comes to Obamacare, and I urge my colleagues to support the No Subsidies Without Verification Act of 2014.”

Last summer, after the Obama Administration quietly issued a holiday rule change to delay subsidy verification provisions in Obamacare, Congressman Black introduced the No Subsidies Without Verification Act. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board backed the legislation, noting that without proper verification provisions in place, fraudulent Obamacare subsidies could reach as high as $250 billion over a decade. Additionally, Congressman Black warned of the dangers of not verifying eligibility for Obamacare subsidies in the weekly Republican address on September 14th after the House took action to prevent this Obamacare catastrophe by passing her legislation, H.R. 2775, with bipartisan support. But instead of passing this common sense measure, the Senate stripped the verification provision contained in this bill and replaced it with language requiring a mere report to Congress by the Secretary no later than January 1, 2014.

On Tuesday, June 10th, the Ways and Means’ Subcommittees on Health and Oversight will hold a hearing on the verification of income under the Affordable Care Act. Additionally, click here for the bill text of the No Subsidies Without Verification Act of 2014. Original cosponsors of this legislation include Reps. John Duncan (TN-02), Stephen Fincher (TN-08), Tim Griffin (AR-02), Andy Harris (MD-01), Lynn Jenkins (KS-02), Sam Johnson (TX-03), Mike Kelly (PA-03), and Pat Tiberi (OH-12).



Congressman Diane Black represents Tennessee’s 6th Congressional District. She has been a registered nurse for more than 40 years and serves on the House Ways and Means and Budget Committees.