I have joined a number of caucuses that reflect my priorities as your Member of Congress, including:

Adult Literacy Caucus

Air Force Caucus 

Army Caucus

Assisting Caregivers Today (ACT) Caucus 

Border Security Caucus 

Coast Guard Caucus

Childhood Cancer Caucus

Congressional Services Caucus 

Doctors Caucus 

Foster Care Caucus

General Aviation Caucus 

Health Care Caucus

Job Creators Caucus

Military Families Caucus

National Guard and Reserve Components Caucus 

Navy and Marines Caucus 

Nursing Caucus

Pediatric Cancer Caucus

Pro-Life Caucus 

Range and Testing Center Caucus 

Reclaim American Jobs Caucus 

Recording Arts and Sciences Caucus 

Republican Study Committee 

Republican Women's Policy Committee 

Sportsman's Caucus

Tea Party Caucus

Values Action Team

Women's Caucus

Yellow Pages Caucus