Black Statement on House GOP Budget Proposal, “The Path to Prosperity”

Black Statement on House GOP Budget Proposal, “The Path to Prosperity”

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Diane Black (R-TN), member of the House Budget Committee and Ways and Means Committee, issued the following statement after the introduction of the House Republican Fiscal Year 2014 budget resolution – The Path to Prosperity: A Responsible, Balanced Budget. Click here to watch Rep. Black’s remarks at the House Budget Committee’s press conference today.

“The Path to Prosperity budget is an opportunity for Congress and the president to change the course of our nation by preventing a debt crisis and strengthening our economy for current and future generations. Our budget funds our nation’s priorities, promotes economic growth, repairs our social safety net and saves important entitlement programs like Medicare for future generations as well as sets the framework for comprehensive tax reform and achieves balance within ten years. We have a responsibility to avoid a debt crisis and to move our nation toward a prosperous future. Balancing the budget is not extreme; it is what American families across this country do on a regular basis.

“Common sense and math tell us that balancing the federal budget requires two things: spending cuts and economic growth. A huge obstacle to growth right now is our complicated tax code. Every year, Americans spend 6 billion hours—and $160 billion—filling out their returns. Our budget paves the way for tax reform. It reaffirms that the Ways and Means Committee will pass comprehensive, pro-growth tax-reform legislation this year. The budget builds on a bipartisan consensus in favor of lower rates to create jobs and a broader base to ensure fairness and simplicity for families. The purpose of tax reform is not to take more from families to spend more in Washington, but to create jobs and increase wages for working families.”

“America cannot tax and spend its way to prosperity, and we will never eliminate the deficit without a responsible budget in place that allows our economy to flourish and jobs to be created for hard working families. In each of the last three years, we on the House Budget Committee have introduced a budget that would put America back on the path to balance and economic growth. For the first time in four years, Senate Democrats are planning on passing a budget, because of the ‘No Budget, No Pay’ Act that was passed out of the House earlier this year. While the president is more than two months late introducing his budget, both the president and Senate Democrats have indicated that their budgets will never balance – not in my lifetime – not ever. I believe that the American people deserve a balanced budget. Our budget would restore fiscal sanity to Washington by balancing in 10 years, funding our nation’s priorities, and helping to create the conditions for economic growth and upward mobility. We urge the president and Senate Democrats to join us in this effort. I look forward to moving this responsible budget proposal forward to ensure fiscal stability, strengthen our economy and help get Americans back to work,” said Congressman Black.